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Tree of Life

The study on the Mustard Seed parable has begun to show an interesting connection to the the Tree of Life.  The purpose of the kingdom may therefore have a connection with the Paradise described as the Garden of Eden.  This connection would be more in a associative way rather than a specific recreation of a garden.  And with this garden imagery also comes a return of the significance of the Tree of Life.  This ought to be a fruitful investigation.  OH SORRY. Had to say that.  More amazingly, the series of parables on the mysteries will prove to have many amazing analogies of scripture being tied together in a fashion that only God could bring forth.
Last Updated on Saturday, 17 February 2007 23:07

Where's the Evidence?

   The Parable of the Mysteries provides an argument for a unique definition of the kingdom of heaven.  Few if any other books actually seek to define the kingdom systematically from scriptures; Instead the books will present some interesting scriptures about the kingdom and then jump to conclusions about what kingdom of God truly means.  If a better definition and description occurs outside of scripture, the author seeks to learn of such a book.  The book shelves have too many books that start from the middle of the topic rather than the beginning.  Doctrine should not be left to speculation but should come with the evidence of its derivation.  Whatever else may result from this book, the standard of evidence will need to increase on the topic of the kingdom. 

   An interesting situation arises if the meaning of the kingdom is truly coming to clarity as being shown in the book Parables of the Mysteries.  God's providence then would be manifesting through His revealing of the purpose and intent of the kingdom.  Even more interesting is the potential idea that Jesus was actually saying the kingdom would remain a mystery for awhile.  In discovering the kingdom the Christians should then find the evidence of God's work.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 February 2007 14:14

Peace on Earth

   The kingdom of God is the current operational plan of peace that started from among the ancient Israelites in Christ Jesus (Christ means King.).  The book, Parables of the Mysteries, gives the straightforward meaning of the kingdom and its timing.  Learn what the plan is.  Discover the scope of God's great plan.  

   We ought not be surprised when God accomplishes something greater than what we expected.  And when we discover this great work of His, we should seek to understand His great work and should seek to give Him praise for His awesome wisdom.

   The Parables of the Mysteries tells us what we need to know today.  Nothing shall stop the advancement of His kingdom.  Nor should we fear, nor be taken hold by fear, nor misconstrue scripture so as to fear man and earthly events.  This book has become a mission to diminish fear through the knowledge of truth.

  When the proper idea of the kingdom is learned, Luke 2:14 then makes sense saying "Glory to God in the highest.  On earth, peace. Among men, goodwill."  and also from Isa 9:6-7 that the government would rest upon His shoulders, that He would be called Prince of Peace.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 January 2007 23:02
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